Hili Mall is situated on Baniyas Street (117) in the Hili District of the city of Al Ain. The Mall is at close proximity to the Hili Fun City and Ice Skating Rink and it is also strategically located at a stone’s throw from the newly constructed Hili Residential Complex, where the latter is adjacent to the Omani border province of Al Buraimi.

Hili Mall is very easily accessible and convenient. If you are driving from Abu Dhabi, drive to the Hili/Qattara district by heading towards Al Qattara Stadium. Once the stadium is on your left-hand side, you will need to drive to the next roundabout where you will turn right onto Baniyas Street. Once on this street, drive straight past the traffic light, and you will arrive at Wahat Hili Mall which will be on your right. (approximately 1 kilometer away from this traffic light)

If, on the other hand, you were driving from Dubai, take the exit 22 (right) when the highway splits to 2 as you get to Al Ain, following Al Foah and Town Centre signs.  

Go straight through the first two roundabouts and left on the third roundabout (Hili Fun City Roundabout) onto Ardh Al Jaw Street going towards Shareeat Hili. Keep going straight through the Hili National Archeological Park R/A and turn right at the next roundabout (no left turn on that R/A, only 2 exits, straight and right). Once you do, Wahat Hili Mall will be on your left-hand side. Follow the road till the traffic lights and make a U-turn and come back to Hili Mall premises and parking


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